Our Top Subscription Box Services

Subscription services, and the boxes they come in, are now all the rage. I’m certain the Post Office is happy about it. But these services work because they provide things that people want, and tend to do it cheaply. Some are completely novelty items, while others are daily essentials that are extremely time-saving. Here is our list of our top subscription box services you have to try.

Loot Crate

Loot Crate is one of the first subscription-based services to gain a huge following, especially amongst the nerd/geek community. Loot Crate sends about 6 to 9 collectible items that all fit a theme. This theme can range from Quest (April’s current theme), Versus, the Fallout crate, and more. These themes are great whether you’re a collector, have a nerd in your life, or just like interesting doodads to decorate your office space or bookshelf.  You can read more about Loot Crate here.

Japan Crate

This one is for anyone who likes to try new things and likes things from Japan. Japanese candy companies produce some of the most interesting flavors in the world. And it can be hard to get them in the states unless you live in a place that has specialty Japanese markets, and even then, it can be a pain in the butt. If you like trying new candies, have someone in your life (yourself included) that likes anime, J-Pop, or just modern Japanese culture, get them a subscription to Japan Crate. We have a deal on our site where you can get your first month 33% off.

Brick Loot

If you have a kid in your life that’s obsessed with LEGOs, or you have a need to build some of the greatest art projects of the 21st century, Brick Loot is for you. Each Brick loot box comes with LEGO and other brick related items. So not only does this box provide you with LEGO bricks, LEGO accessories, but also provides you with bricks from other companies. You are always guaranteed custom build LEGO bricks so there’s no worry about being tricked. You can read more about Brick Loot here.

Quarterly Co.

Quarterly Co. is a little bit different than the other boxes. As you can imagine, the box is quarterly. It is also more expensive. However, the idea behind this box is very interesting. You select a cultural icon that you like, share interests with, or just have an interest in period. You then receive a quarterly box curated directly by that person. This includes people like basketball star Jeremy Lin, TV science icon Bill Nye the Science Guy, actor Wil Wheaton, style expert Nina Garcia, and more. Because of the nature of Quarterly Co., you won’t get items from people you’re not subscribed to, and this stuff is guaranteed to be hand-picked by the icon of your choice. If that interests you, then head on over to Quarterly Co. here.

Bulu Box

Getting those extra gains from working out can be kind of hard, but that’s what Bulu Box is here to help you with. Bulu Box is a monthly box that sends you health, nutrition, and weight loss products that tie into your current workout routine. The boxes contain 4-5 samples of new products, and you can earn points which you can cash out later for a full-size purchase of a product you liked. They tailor the order by asking you what your goals are. Are you looking to gain muscle, be a power lifter, or just lose weight? Once they know that, you’ll get your box every month. Plus, it’s free shipping across the continental U.S. If you’re looking to find new things to help your progress, we are selling 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions at 50% off.

Dollar Shave Club

While this one is last on our list, it is definitely the reigning champion for first place. Dollar Shave Club is probably the iconic subscription box service, and yet never had to call itself Crate, Loot or Box. You choose the razor style you want and how many blades to go with it, and they ship it to you every month. Their razors are great, last a long time, and the handle is firm. They have razors for both men and women, though as far as I’m aware, their face razors work just great for legs too. They also have a line of products that are great as well. You’d think we have their deal on our site by how much I’m talking it up, but I’ve had the 9 buck deal for a year and use their shave butter and I wouldn’t think to use anything else. You can learn more about them here.

Thanks for reading. Tell us what your favorite subscription service is below, and maybe we can get it on the site. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

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