Rush 49 Driving Experience


Have you ever imagined yourself behind the wheel of a stock car? Adrenaline pumping while you skyrocket around the track like the pros? Now you can check “driving a race car” off your bucket list with the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience!

The RUSH of Racing

The Rusty Wallace Racing Experience provides an authentic racing experience designed by the Nascar Sprint Cup Series champion himself. With the option to drive around the track at top speeds, or ride shotgun with a professional driver, this glimpse into the thrill of being a race car driver is sure to give any adrenaline junkie the rush they’ve been looking for!

Race Day

On race day, you’ll begin with some classroom instruction before getting into your driver’s suit, buckling your helmet, strapping into the seat of your race car, and peeling out of the pit lane. You’ll zoom around the race track at record breaking speeds and get to brag to your friends about what it feels like to accelerate and corner in a real stock car! Whether you’re looking for a taste of speed on a short track or the ultimate driving experience on one of the super speedways that Nascar runs on, the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience has the perfect package for you. You even have the chance to purchase an in-car video and professional pictures of your drive so you can look back on the fun and relive the intensity of your race day for years to come!

Experience the RUSH

There’s nothing like chasing the rush of adrenaline. If you feel the need for speed, or know someone who does, you can book an exclusive deal with RUSH49, save 50% on your track day, and experience the rush of driving a race car like the pros!

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