Running For Beginners: The Gear

So you wanna start hitting the pavement to reach that “runner’s high” trainers speak so highly of. However, you want to be well prepared before diving into running, or else all you’ll experience is “runner’s chafing”, “runner’s shin splints”, or "runner's quitting". Here’s some helpful tips we found at for finding your running essentials.


We know you’re eager to get started, but throwing on your old tennies aren’t the best choice, as the wrong shoes can lead to injury. Choose the right shoes for your arch and stride type. If the words pronation or supination fly over your head, ask an expert at a specialty running store. They can talk through your running history (including injuries), as well as watch you walk and run in order to determine your gait for the perfect pair. A good pair of running shoes can cost a pretty penny, but it’s worth it. Quality shoes will not only last you a while depending on your mileage, they’ll also prevent risk of costly running-related injuries.


Clothing should be comfortable, breathable, and durable. Opt for clothes with wicking fabric that’ll keep you cool and allow your skin to breath without collecting too much sweat, a good pair of shorts or capris, and wicking socks that won’t encourage excessive moisture (cotton is not recommended). For sports bras, you want to make sure you’re well supported without unruly chafing. Shop around for a breathable and comfortable sports bra that won’t allow you to, ahem, bounce around too much (trust me, that’s no fun). If you live in a city that gets a full range of weather, dress accordingly to the temperature you'll be running in.


If you’re looking to track your progress, the very least you’ll need is a watch. This way, you can measure your pace and set specific walk periods for your running schedule. If you want to bump up your motivation, try using a mobile app on your smartphone. With apps such as RunKeeper, MapMyRun, and Nike+, you can track your endurance, distance, calories, time and more to keep you motivated to reach your goals. While you have your phone already on you, you can take the opportunity to create the best pump-up playlist to keep you going the distance. Depending on how long your distance, consider buying a runners belt. This way you can carry your id, keys, or any other essentials you need to get back home.

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