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First Time – Drive an Exotic Car

First Time - Drive an Exotic Car Car Driving Experience You’re thinking of getting behind the wheel of one of the nicest cars ever made and drive an exotic car. There are many reasons you want to drive one: maybe you watch autocross religiously, or maybe you just actually want to see what all the…
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Top 6 Los Angeles Ski Locations

For a place that’s world renowned for its beautiful climate and year-round sunshine, you’d be surprised that LA has access to great ski mountains. Though they’re few in number, they all offer a winter wonderland for those looking to add some snow to their Decembers. If you’re looking to really get away from that nasty…
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Top 6 Skiing Tips – First Time Skiing

You want to hit the slopes this winter. Good! You should. Skiing is an activity that everyone should try once in their lives (and preferably when they’re old enough to actually remember it). Here’s our list of our Top 6 skiing tips you should keep in mind when you ski for the first time. Skiing Tip…
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Indoor Skydiving

Are you craving the thrill of skydiving? If you are hesitant to jump out of a perfectly functioning airplane from 12,000 feet with only a parachute to save you, indoor skydiving is a new thrill. Experience the true sensation of free-fall in a safe and exciting way with indoor skydiving, no strings attached!

Fly to feel the Adrenaline Rush

Prior to suiting up, you will attend a brief training class where your instructor will teach you proper body position and flight technique, the hand signals that are used in the wind tunnel, and acknowledge any safety concerns you may have. As soon as you gear up with your specialized flight suit, earplugs, goggles, gloves, and helmet, you’ll be ready to hit the flight chamber. A feeling of weightlessness will come over you as you soar through the wind tunnel for three full minutes of flying time. With winds at 120 mph, you’ll be flooded with adrenaline like never before!

Learn Aerial Acrobatics

Even if you are a seasoned skydiver, this is the ideal way to learn new tricks while teaching others. Introduce your friends to the excitement, or bring a date for an unforgettable experience. You can both share the rush - and you can add a few new maneuvers to your aerial repertoire.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving with RUSH49

Indoor skydiving is a fun and memorable experience for anyone. Video and photo packages are available for purchase, so you’ll be able to relive your experience for many years to come. Check this adventure off your bucket list and make your dream of flying a reality!

Skydiving Experience

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you crave the thrill of adventure? Maybe you’re finally ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone and conquer your fears? Skydiving is guaranteed to give you a sense of freedom that you’ve never felt before! SKYDIVING Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you crave the thrill of…
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Rush 49 Driving Experience

RUSTY WALLACE RACING EXPERIENCE Have you ever imagined yourself behind the wheel of a stock car? Adrenaline pumping while you skyrocket around the track like the pros? Now you can check “driving a race car” off your bucket list with the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience! The RUSH of Racing The Rusty Wallace Racing Experience provides…
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