Mobile Apps To Boost Productivity

The typical American life is a busy one. From work meetings to social gatherings, doctors appointments, exercise, budgeting, creative projects, and everything else in between, it can be difficult to find a balance in your mile-long list of daily tasks, let alone find time for those 7 to 8 hours of sleep everyone says you should get every night. Now, you can integrate the fun of a mobile app while conquering your previously mundane chores, one level-up at a time. Here are six ways you can streamline your life by gamifying your to-do list:



Track your well-being in more ways than one with a suite of apps named MindBloom. Gain a new perspective on your mental well-being with Life Game. This app tracks your mood and emotional triggers in order to build the life you want to lead. Link energy levels with eating habits and everyday experiences to optimize your daily get-up-and-go with Juice, an app devoted to boosting your healthy habits. Keep yourself accountable to your goals with Proof, an app designed to help you set and conquer a challenge such as getting in shape, changing a bad habit, or starting a new activity. Compete with other users and prove yourself with a picture or video log.


While Zs may be at the end of the alphabet, they should be at the top of your priority list. With the endless tasks we juggle everyday, sleep is often treated as an afterthought. However, it’s crucial for our mental and physical health to get mental and physical rest every night. Ditch the snooze button and jump on Sleep Cycle, an app designed to improve your snoozing habits by waking you at your lightest sleep phase - leaving you feeling naturally refreshed. 



Whether you’re a fitness nut or just starting to hit the gym, a fitness app is a great way to find inspiration for a consistent routine, track your progress, and maintain accountability for your goals. Fitocracy is like a personal trainer that lives in your phone, as well as a full community of supportive users to keep you motivated. Start with an in-app assessment, and Fitocracy will create a custom workout plan for you based on your needs. You can add an extra challenge to your gym time by competing with other users, or exchanging comments for extra encouragement. While you’re icing your muscles you can read the latest articles and tips from the Fitocracy Knowledge Center to help keep your routine fresh.

Zombies! Run

Now you can truly run like something’s chasing you. In this case, your motivation is fueled by escaping brain-hungry zombies. Become a part of your own walking dead storyline by unlocking chapters the more you run. Even when you think you’re in the clear, intervals of zombie noises will keep you running up to 20% faster. This app links to your Pandora or Spotify playlist, with breaking news “radio broadcasts” to keep you in the action. Choose between a running routine, the Zombies! Run 5K training app, or The Walk narrative program.


Habit RPG

Level up your healthy habits and beat the boss of procrastination with a RPG-style mobile game. Applicable to work projects, daily to-dos, long and short term goals, and mundane chores that are normally shuffled under the rug, any task in your life can advance your character in the Habitica realm. Crossing a simple task off your list could mean increased XP, virtual money to “purchase” armor and goods for your character, and extra perks within the game. Fail to complete a task? You risk losing health points, as well as letting down your guild of fellow users.


Even with a set plan in mind, it can be easy to veer off of the path. Not only does Beeminder keep you emotionally accountable by gamifying your goals, it keeps you financially accountable as well. With real money! This app goes beyond badges and level ups in the sense that you have to pay real monetary penalties if your goals aren’t met. Veer off the path once? You’re given a warning. Twice? With a preset pledge attached to your specific goal, money is automatically withdrawn from your account. Dubbed “reminders with a sting”, real life stakes in this app are guaranteed to keep you on your yellow brick road.

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