Top 6 Rock Climbing Finger Exercises

You’re getting into rock climbing, or maybe you just need more grip to open a jar. But we use our hands a lot. You use them every day for your computer, for grabbing objects, and giving yourself a shoulder massage. But besides this, you rarely give those fast-twitch muscles in your fingers the exercise they deserve for all the strain you put them through. Here are 6 finger strength exercises to hold on to:


The simplest one is to just “make a fist.” You make a relaxed first and put your thumb across your across. You hold it for about 45 seconds (30 at the least and 60 at most. You don’t want to underwork or strain the fist). After the alloted time, release your fingers and spread them wide. Do this three or four times.


Grab a soft ball and grip it in your hand. Squeeze it as hard as you can. If you don’t have access to a soft ball (or stress ball), go ahead and make a relaxed fist with your other hand and squeeze that. Do this for around 15 seconds two or three times. Don’t do this too often (give yourself a day or two off), since those fine tendons and muscles will easily sore.


Yes, this is a Liar Liar reference. But, hold your hand out in front of you but your palm is facing you. You’ll then bend your fingers so they’re touching the base of the finger joint (or as far as you can bend them). If you’re super tense, you’ll feel a slight pull in your wrist. As long as it’s not painful, hold it for 45 seconds and then let go. As with the fist, do this three or four times.


Place your hand palm down and flat on a table. Lift your fingers and thumb individually and hold each finger for three seconds. Do this two-three times per finger. You can do them all at once, but it’s more interesting to get your fingers to do them individually; you’ll figure out pretty quickly this way just which of your fingers rarely get used. For most of us (especially those who type but never learned to type) it’ll be their ring and pinky fingers.


Well, this exercise will definitely make it easier for you to do them. Take a soft small ball, a gum eraser, or something squishy, put it between the pads on the  tips of your fingers and the pad on the tip of your thumb, and pinch. Do this for around 15 seconds two to three times, and like THE GRIP, don’t do this too often.


This is just for your thumb. Hold your hand, palm up. Move your away from your fingers as far as it will go (so if you’re looking at your palm, your index finger and thumb make an L). Then, take your thumb and put it over your palm so it is touching the base of your pinky. Hold it for 45 seconds and do this two of three times.

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